SARS-CoV-2 Superspreading Events Database

SARS-CoV-2 superspreading events are events where a large number of people are infected with the novel coronavirus. As our knowledge of the virus and the disease it causes has grown, it has become increasingly clear that superspreading events are the key driving force behind the pandemic.

What has also become clear is that there these kinds of events don't happen just anywhere. Instead, there are specific features that the settings in which they take place tend to have in common. Understanding what the typical features of these settings of mass transmission are may help prevent superspreading events from happening in the future.

This project is devoted to collecting examples of superspreading events from around the world, investigating in detail the features of the settings in which they occurred, and presenting the findings in a publicly accessible database that can be used by public health officials, researchers, organizations and the public to devise better, more targeted strategies of protection against the virus.  


  • Google sheet: view the database; download or make a copy to edit and sort

  • Bubble map: shows all the superspreading events in the database on a world map; click on a bubble to find more information about an event

  • Bubble map with timeline: same but with an animated timeline showing the events as they occurred in time

Read more about the project and the team.


We are always looking for new superspreading events to add to the database. If you come across an event not yet in the database, you can suggest it here. If you'd like to commit some time to do a more systematic search please contact us at info@superspreadingdatabase.com. We are particularly interested in assistance with searching non-English language literature.

In addition to finding new examples we are also looking for volunteers to help us investigate, verify and systematize information about the events already in the database, using a categorization framework we have set up for this purpose. Contact us if you’d like to be of assistance. 

Media Inquiries

Journalists looking for more information about the SARS-CoV-2 Superspreading Events Database project or about the phenomenon of superspreading events in general, please contact us at contact@superspreadingdatabase.com


Twitter: @ssedatabase